Genesis, an insight.

When the journey will begin.

Two iconic cars made during British Leyland’s legacy. Both were superb cars in their own right with many innovative and genuinely great attributes. However, due to many factors including industrial unrest, a foolish attitude towards expenditure from the powers of be in addition to too much internal rivalry would condemn these cars to becoming relics of a bygone era.

But my story of venturing deep into the classic car world did not start from here.  Oh no.  That fateful day was quite some time ago.  Many years and cars ago my humble beginnings started much further back.  Back when times seemed alot simpler, when I could barely think forwards at all.  The world was my oyster and I was starting out as a bit of a hobbying spanner monkey.

If I had to pick a point in time that sparked this interest it was probably when my dad owned a number of hot hatches.  These included 2 Ford Escort XR3is, A Metro Turbo as well as a hotted up Mini 1275GT, which was more of a 1380GT!  There were other cars including MkII Fiestas and even a MkIII Orion of all things!

So where did my story start? That will soon arrive in the next post.