Part-Worn Tyres? To be Avoided like The Plague?

Cash. Let’s make no mistake, we don’t all mind having a bit of it! Spending it however, is a different scenario. It doesn’t matter if it is food, clothes, a pint down the pub, most people will keep an eye on expenditure.

And so I come onto part-worn tyres. On the face of it they look like a no brainer. You can get legal tyres for as little as £15 fitted for something like a generic 15” tyre. Why pay £40+ for a tyre when part worn will do the trick? Besides that, you are also helping the environment since you are helping the recycling culture. You are effectively giving the product a new lease of life!

Turini Wheel (14 of 25).jpg
Just about legal, but would you fit them?

But there is always a flipside to the coin. That is with the many people who will say anything other than a new tyre will kill nuns and kittens, and that they are a waste of money.

eBay January 2017 (31 of 32).jpg
Legal, and cheap at £15.  But does it make monetary sense?  This had 3.5mm left on it

The truth of the matter however lies between the two arguments. Yes, part-worn tyres can be risky business, but otherwise on a car that is cheap to run they can bring monetary benefits. This guide will hopefully set you straight. Buying the right part-worns comes down to checking a few key things:

  1. How much tread do they have? Is it more than 5mm
    1. With the amount of tread they have are they actually worth it?
  2. How old are they ; are they newer than 5 years old?
  3. Have they worn correctly?
  4. Have they been repaired? If so has it been done correctly?
  5. Are they actually worth buying compared to a new tyre?
  6. Are they stamped ‘PART-WORN’ if bought from a garage?

In short, if the answer to those is “Yes” you are generally OK but as always it pays to do your research. The finer points for that shall be coming around soon.


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